Hurry On Down

John Wain’s first novel, published in 1953, which has been called the first appearance of the Angry Young Man as hero.


Charles Lumley has finished University, which has left him totally unsuited for any job he would want to take, and he has split from the woman he has been in love with since they were at school. He takes on any number of jobs as his whims and circumstances dictate : window cleaner, comedy scriptwriter, delivery driver, hospital porter. Through a picaresque chain of accidents he comes to terms with his own feelings and the girl that he has set his heart on, even though she seems to be out of his reach as he rejects both the money-world and the life of a working man…

Available from Smaller Sky Books in the UK and Valancourt publishers, including as a Kindle edition worldwide, in the USA (shortly, 2013).

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